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Welcome to Horse Bit Bro

We are introducing our firm Horse Bit Bro  We have been working as Exporters and Suppliers of various articles. We started our business by exporting Horse Bits, Butterfly Bits,  Eggbutt Full Cheek Half Cheek Hanging Cheek Kimberwick Bits Liverpool Loss Ring Pehlum Bit Sweet Iron Bits Tom Thumb Western Bits Westren Bridle Hackamore Horse Stirupps Saddle Saddle Pad Spure in 2002.

Focusing on both Retail and Professional market, HBB is gazing on the individual's needs for the coming era while believing there is no end line in business.


At present we are exporting almost all types of goods available and manufactured in Pakistan. By the Grace of God, we have been working smoothly without invloving in any problem and our business relations will be everlasting.

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Our Company

Manufacturer Whole Sale Supplier of HORSE BITS, Professional HORSE STIRRUPS, HORSE HALTERS, SADDLES & SADDLE PADS.

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Butterfly Bits
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